Relax & Enjoy

Let The Virginia Christmas Lighting & Decor Company hang your Christmas lights while you relax and enjoy the holiday season. We will help you create a display which will outshine your neighbors and bring a touch of beauty to your community. Make this year your happiest holiday ever. Call us for a free estimate today

“My husband used to work so hard putting up our lights. It would take him all weekend. But despite all the effort it never looked as good as our neighbor’s lights, so we asked and they recommended Mike and The Virginia Christmas Lighting Company. They made our house beautiful. We can’t wait until next year!”
- Karen C. (Stafford, VA)

“The Virginia Christmas Lighting and Decor Company has decorated our house for 3 years. The first year we kept having issues with sections of lights going out. It happened 4 or 5 times, but they were always there right away to address it. They were puzzled because the lights would work when tested each time. As it turned out, the issue was actually a faulty wire in the house causing a short. It had nothing to do with the lights. We had an electrician fix it, and never had an issue since then. But despite the issue not being on their end, they were always prompt about coming out and had such a great and helpful attitude. The lights are definitely awesome, but the service is what sold us on renewing year after year.”
- Bill & Greta C. (Great Falls, VA)

“We used The Virginia Christmas Lighting & Decor Company for two years, but my wife was having medical issues so we didn’t sign up last year. They noticed we hadn’t renewed and called to ask if we had been happy with the service, and I explained our circumstances. About 2 weeks later we returned from a doctor visit to find our house decorated with even more lights than we had ever paid for in the past and a Get Well card on our door. We LOVE these guys. They made a difficult time a lot better!”
- Rex T. (Manassas, VA)

Christmas made easy… Lights Hung With Care!