Giving Back

The Virginia Christmas Lighting & Decor Company believes very strongly that we are blessed, and that the purpose of being blessed is to be a blessing to others. Each year we seek families and individuals who are going through difficult circumstances.

People for whom the approaching holidays may not be as hopeful or cheerful as they are for the rest of us. Those who have lost a loved one recently. People struggling with illness. Military families separated in service to our nation. The elderly and the impoverished.

These are people we seek to honor and bless by providing our services to them free of charge, in the hope that this very modest gesture will make their holiday just a little brighter. It’s the absolute least we can do, and we would very much like your help in this effort. If you know of anyone who is in a situation which you believe makes them a deserving candidate, please provide details below.

Thank you for caring.

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