Smart Businesses Capitalize On A Simple Fact…Lights Draw People In!

Neighborhoods are famous for them – those festive homes we slow down or even stop the car to admire. They become landmarks, topics of conversation. We go out of our way to see them. And yet vibrantly decorated businesses remain a rarity. Don’t blend in again this year, set yourself apart. It’s not just fun, it’s also smart, because lighting and decor have been proven to increase both business traffic and brand awareness. From simple roofline lights or a decorative facade, to an elaborate entryway or lobby, to spaces filled with holiday magic, we work with you to create your perfect display.

Restaurants – Churches – Parking Lots – Campuses – Parks & Trees – Hotels – Community Centers – Downtown and Historic Districts – Model Homes – Pedestrian Paths – Shopping Centers – Community Entrances – Town Centers – Banks – Malls – Retail – Wineries – and MANY more!

“Around October we start getting really excited about Christmas coming soon. And our favorite part is the lights Virginia Christmas Lighting & Decor Company installs. We enjoy them so much that we put them up earlier each year. They are the best!”
- Pauline T. (Fairfax, VA)

“We hired another company to install our Christmas lights, but they never returned to remove them. Our HOA was going to fine us for having them up past the deadline, so we contacted Michael to remove them. When he came to take them down, he showed us several issues with the wires that could have been potentially dangerous. He also showed us the difference between those lights and his product. There was no comparison and we signed up with Virginia Christmas Lighting and Decor for the following year right then in January! He also cleaned our gutter while he was up on the roof. Great people!”
- Tammy F. (Gainesville, VA)

“BEST lights. BEST people. BEST service. We keep adding more and more each year!”
- Yolanda P. (Ashburn, VA)

Christmas made easy… Lights Hung With Care!